My First Blog Post: First of All, Introduction

beyonce howya

Hello and welcome to the rebellious page of the Bohemian buzzer. That’s right, I write like I talk. So if you know me personally, you’ll probably already know. And yes, I laaav Beyonce!! But that’s a story for another day.

While this is not a life blog per say, it is a blog about life and it’s interesting twists and turns. The blog will feature mainly curated articles but definitely and most definitely will be glazed with my (widely acclaimed) intrusive opinions. You will love them, I promise.

I also feel like I need to state here why I started this blog. I started not because I’d seen so many people do it and succeed, and fail too; but because I had always said that I would and never did.

So, I guess I’m saying I beat procrastination to it and here we are now. Let’s hope it doesn’t wangle it’s way back in.

On that note, please ensure that as you read along, you’re as honest as possible, don’t be hypocritical in your comments, say it as it is, make known your thoughts in their rawest forms because the blog is as much mine as it is yours!

Now that you’ve read: What is that  one thing you’ve been meaning to do/start? Just start. You might start and fail but don’t ever stop trying because I actually believe, just like Denzel Washington said that if you hang around the barbershop long enough, you will actually get a haircut.

A` tout a` l’heure buzzers!

bye boo






Oh by the way, a` tout a` l’heure is a French word that means ‘see you later’. Don’t forget that.



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